Elastic 7.11: New versions of Ruby clients for Elastic Enterprise Search and Elasticsearch

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 10, version 7.11 of the Elastic stack was published. The stack is published together, so we have version 7.11 of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Elastic Enterprise Search, and other products of the Elastic family. In the client team we develop the official clients for Elasticsearch and Enterprise Search, and we generally release the … Read more

Containers in Firefox – A Privacy Tool in this Brave New World of 2021

 In the dystopian societies we are living in, our lives are practically a cross between George Orwell’s novel 1984 and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Corporations and governments use all available technology to spy on citizens, they own the information media and power. At the same time, people are more and more conditioned with … Read more

Are you aware of privacy? Data privacy day, and every day?

 Mozilla is a nonprofit organization that helps keep the internet healthy, open, and accessible to everyone. Here is a translated article from his blog: In a world where applications, products and devices work with your personal data, raising awareness and enabling people to protect the privacy of their data is more important than ever. Data … Read more

How to play StarCraft Free on Linux 2021

I recently posted that the original StarCraft is now free. At the time it was not yet possible to run StarCraft on Linux with Wine directly. But I was following the progress of the bug that did not allow it to work and the results of the Wine application database, and it was resolved. There … Read more

Purism – the company that respects your freedom and privacy presents a new tablet / laptop

Purism is a company whose most important values ​​are user freedom and privacy. So far the company had two models on the market, but they just introduced their new Librem 11. The Librem 11 is a detachable 11.6-inch 2-in-1 laptop / tablet. They also presented a 10-inch model, although they mainly focus on the 11-inch.  … Read more

Essential extensions for GNOME 3

 While GNOME 3 is a fairly friendly desktop environment, there are some old habits that don’t die. When migrating to this version, there were several changes in interactions or behaviors that it gave as de facto standards. Some I got used to, others not. Luckily, in free software everything is customizable. The first tool I … Read more