Which type of digital marketing is in demand?

Which type of digital marketing is in demand?
Jul 31 2023 Lincoln Beauregard

Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape

Just thought I'd share a little something from the kitchen table today, where Samantha and I often sink our teeth into a nice cuppa and the invigorating world of digital marketing. Even though our kid thinks we're old and clueless, mark my words, digital marketing's no rocket science, mates! It's just like gardening on the internet-space, as far as I imagine!

Did you know that as of 2021, roughly 4.66 billion people were active internet users? That's over 59% of the global population, my friends! Picture it like this: If every internet user formed a country, it would be sixty times bigger than Australia, for goodness's sake!

Search Engine Optimization: The Unseen Hero of Digital Marketing

Ever used an online map to find your way to the nearest pie shop? Well, SEO's like that, but for your business in the cyber-world. It helps your brand pop up on search engines like Google when folks search with keywords related to your business. Proper cool, isn't it? I mean, who doesn't want to show up at parties without a formal invite?

Having trouble with SEO? Me too! Just last week, Samantha caught me muttering, "SEO, why dost thou torment me?" while trying to increase our site's search ranking. As it turns out, Samantha’s a bit of an SEO wizard! Who knew?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Instant Results, If You Pay the Piper

Remember when we used to sit in the pub and wait for the footy results to come in? No more of that, mate! With PPC marketing, you get immediate results. It’s like a vending machine for visibility and traffic. But be careful, mates. PPC can be as voracious as that splendid jukebox at our local pub. You don't want to keep feeding it coins while it endlessly churns out the same Bon Jovi song!

The only catch here is, PPC requires you to spend a bit to start seeing results. However, a cleverly curated campaign will definitely provide a good return for the investment. Samantha always says, "If you’re gonna go fishing, at least bring some bait."

Content Marketing: Feeding the Beast

Have you ever tried to keep your old Labrador happy without a regular flow of treats? Well, consider the internet as that lab, continuously wagging its tail for content. And that's where content marketing steps in. It involves creating and sharing valuable free content to attract potential customers.

Just remember, in content marketing, quality matters more than quantity. Samantha's maybe said a hundred times, "Don't just feed the beast Lincoln, starve it and then feed it filet mignon." That's solid gold advice right there, mates!

Social Media Marketing: Let's Get Social, Virtually!

You remember how we used to hang out at the park back in the days, right? Fast forward to the 21st century, and the parks have been replaced by social media platforms. It's where you meet your people and engage in lively banter. So, make sure your brand has its own cool hangout spot in this new-age park!

Just the other day, Samantha and I were sharing the old times when we used to swoon over Kylie Minogue's posters. Now, youngsters just 'like' and 'share' her Instagram pics. Social media marketing has brought the stars just a click away!

Bottom line: Balancing the Digital Marketing Mix

Imagine a barbie without prawns, beer, and good company. Sounds incomplete, doesn't it? Similarly, an efficient digital marketing strategy is a well-balanced platter of SEO, PPC, content, and social media marketing. Find the right mix for your business and voila, you'll be firing on all cylinders!

A thing I learnt from Samantha while cooking our famous lamb roast: "Lincoln, balance is the secret ingredient to a lip-smacking lamb roast and a killer marketing strategy." Ha! Well said, love. Let's get cracking, then!